Refer a Friend Challenge

During the month of June, we will be hosting a Refer a Friend Challenge! Shirts on Tap is already the best part of your month, so it should be easy for you to get some friends, family, and co-workers to sign up!


  1. The very last question on the signup form is “Who Referred You.” As long as they put your name in the box, the credit will count!

  2. You will get each prize as you climb the referral ladder. For example, it you refer 6 people, you will get the Sticker Pack, the Pin, AND the Pint Glasses.

  3. Contest starts on June 1st and ends June 30th at midnight.

  4. We will send out weekly progress reports throughout the contest.


1 Signup

You’ll get a Shirts on Tap sticker pack with some new designs not previously released. We already know you guys love stickers, so this should be a no-brainer. The stickers pictured here are not necessarily the ones you’ll get… those are still in production... But rest assured they will be dope. We may or may not have even splurged for some die cut bad boys.

Hop Pin copy.jpg

3 Signups

Get 3 friends to sign up and you’ll be the proud new owner of this kickass Pin! Most people like to put these on hats or jackets, but you’re encouraged to be as creative as you’d like. Maybe you’ve been considering finally getting you nose pierced? This pin would make the perfect addition to your new nose ring collection.

Updated copper mug.jpg

5 Signups

Get 5 of your friends to sign up and you’ll get a PAIR of these copper-plated pint glasses! That’s right, you’ll get TWO of these badass pint glasses, which might be confusing because there is only one pictured here… but, just cross your eyes slightly and the second one will appear. Gone are the days of worrying about shattering your prized pint glass with slippery hands next to the dishwasher.

Hydro Flask.jpg

10 Signups

Get 10 of your friends to sign up and we’ll be sending you this kickass laser-engraved water bottle! This is a 32oz vacuum insulated bottle made for water, but will hold any liquid you decide to put in there and will keep it COLD… or hot, I suppose if you’re into that kind of thing. We all know that hydration is key to longevity at the brewery, so this vessel might make the difference between being able to comfortable enjoy 4 pints, or 6. Your liver will thank you.

Igloo 25.jpg

25 Signups

Get 25 of your friends to sign up and you’ll get this awesome Igloo cooler! It holds 25 quarts… We are not mathematicians, so not too sure how that translates to beer storage but it should be enough for you and some friends. It will also keep ice for 4 days in 90 degree heat, so next time you’re stuck in the desert for an extended period of time, your beer will stay nice and frosty.

Beer Fridge.jpg

50 Signups

Get 50 of your friends to sign up and you’ll get this beer fridge! Yes… the picture shows cans of soda and Rockstar (gross) but you’re super encouraged to use it for beer storage. It will hold 120 12oz cans of your favorite craft beer, or probably less if you’re going with 16ers and crowlers. Regardless, it will be the focal point of any modern living room or man cave. Bonus feature: it has a blue light in there too, which doesn’t do much for temperature control, but it will look pretty cool at nighttime.


BONUS Challenge!

The person with the MOST referrals will get this beer fridge STOCKED with delicious craft beer.

Fine Print: To be considered for the Bonus Challenge, you must have already earned the beer fridge by referring at least 50 people.