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About the Brewery

Located at 2337 South Michigan Avenue, our historic Landmark building takes you back in time to when the neighborhood was home to the original Chicago automotive industry. Starting in 1901 Motor Row District boasted countless automotive dealerships and showrooms. The district eventually became a part of the beginnings of the Chicago blues community with music bars, and even the legendary Chess Records – one of the original recording studios in the city. Our Brewery aims to bring all of this back; the music, the community and the industry.

Created by our Brewmaster, Frank Lassandrello, we make everything from spot-on interpretations of traditional styles to some of the wildest beers you’ll ever drink. Our year-round offerings, Reclamation Lager and Fleetwood Black, harken back to the Midwest’s proud tradition of great lager beers. We also offer extended seasonal releases (including a series of easy-drinking Belgian-style ales, perfect for summer) as well as collaborations and experimental one-offs.

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