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featuring: Hop & Sting Brewing Co.


About the Brewery

We brew high quality, small batch, craft ales and lagers which will be available in both draft and packaged forms. We are dedicated to producing only the highest quality beers, based on a foundation of education, experience, discipline, and attention to detail. It is our belief that a brewery should start small. This allows a brewery to focus on the details that are extremely important to the overall quality of a beer and business. Staying small also gives us the flexibility to offer more variety, rather than simply 3-4 "flagship" styles. Our business strategy is to earn our reputation with craft beer consumers by making beer they demand rather than getting by on our size, looks, or a gimmick. We will grow in size only when demand warrants it, and only if our quality standards can withstand it. We believe this strategy will provide our customers with a unique and evolving experience.

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