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About the Brewery

We believe beer is the perfect blend of Art and Science. We start with the Art of beer – for this we use a big dose of creativity. We dont follow any rules when it comes to the recipes. We embrace tradition, but break the rules from time to time in order to create exciting new brews. Once we are elated with the beer, we turn to Science to ensure quality and consistency in the brewing process. For this we use our state of the art automated brewhouse, hydrometers, microscopes and other monitoring devices. However, in the end, we always revert back to the art of a good tasting beer. We strongly believe that beer is greatly enhanced when consumed with close friends, family or random people who will soon be friends. This can be accomplished in the bars and restaurants where you will find TUPPS beer, snagging a six pack at your local craft beer store, and you can also visit our 15,000 square foot brewery and taproom. At the brewery, we have created an environment that embraces the feel and the era of the historic Cotton Mill. TUPPS Brewery has a sense of place. We are proud to be in Texas, in the great city of McKinney, located right behind the historic Cotton Mill. When you visit, keep in mind that we want you to embrace the brewery, so put your feet on the tables, play some cornhole, write your name on the wall and get comfy. We look forward to you enjoying TUPPS beer and touring our brewery.

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