About the Brewery

We began brewing in 2011, on a porch in the Cedars with the simple desire to create great-tasting, easy-drinking beers at home.

Creating every one of our recipes, honing in on tastes appreciated by our friends and family, we soon realized we had started something pretty tasty, and something lots of people enjoyed drinking. Founding Pegasus City Brewery at the end of 2014, quitting our day jobs in 2016, and opening our brewery in 2017 has been a dream. 

Our 5 “porch-approved” core flavors are the same ones begun on that first porch, perfected in our pilot brewing system, and what we proudly serve to the fine folks of Dallas and beyond from our new brewery. 

We are a small team, and have worked on every part of this process ourselves, making this a truly meaningful place and business that we are excited to share and grow with the community. Our blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this, in hopes that people can enjoy our beer on their own porches. 




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