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About the Brewery

Colorado has a great appreciation for microbrewed beer. Colorado also has great microbrews to appreciate! But, what's unique about Two22 Brew is that we are a microbrewery with a focus on being locally active, socially conscious, and philanthropically based. Our mission is to provide beer-lovers with a way to give charitably to local causes through the beer they drink. Two22's goal is to make the community feel like they are part of what we are doing, that they are more than just customers. We give $2.22 of every $10 of profit back to Colorado charities and try to instill a sense of giving in every beer that we pour. 

Member Perk 1: Buy a pint, get one free! 

Member Perk 2: Buy a pint, get half-off a growler!

Member Perk 3: 15% off merch. Online or in-store. Use promo code: ShirtsOnTap




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