The May Box includes

  • SHIRT -  The April shirt for Cerebral Brewing Co was designed by local Denver Artist Jimmy Bryant (AKA ATOMIC CHILD) and it is incredibly awesome! Check him out here:
  • COUPON - Head into the Tasting room and for a sweet discount on pints!
  • STICKER - The sticker this month features the breweries flagship logo - perfect for the kegerator in the garage!
  • TAP IT TUESDAY - The event this month will be Tuesday May 30th from 5pm-8pm at the Brewery! Enjoy a members happy hour on us!
  • REFER A FRIEND - Give this card to a friend who loves craft beer! They get $5 off their first box with the coupon code PLUS you get a free month for referring them!





About the Brewery

Cerebral Brewing was founded in 2013 by Sean Buchan, Chris Washenberger, and Dan McGuire. Like most great ideas, Cerebral Brewing was conceived in a dimly lit bar over several good beers. Despite varied backgrounds, Sean, Chris, and Dan have united over a shared interest in good beer.

Beer is art. Beer is culture. Beer is science. Our goal at Cerebral Brewing is to combine scientific methodology with an artistic viewpoint to create extremely drinkable beers spanning a broad spectrum of styles.



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