About the Brewery

Briar Common - The idea of Briar Common started more than 20 years ago when brothers Kent and Greg Dawson began to enjoy a new style of beer sweeping the Northwest: The American IPA. After years of brewing small batches literally continents apart, they decided to make Briar Common a reality and opened their doors in October of 2016.   Briar Common brews both classic and contemporary beer styles, while offering a full menu of gastropub fare. Housed in a historic building which was originally a market, Briar Common epitomizes the neighborhood gathering place. 

Bruz Beers - Bruz Beers' founders have a long-standing love for the fine artisanal beers of Belgium. Both have traveled extensively in Europe and especially in Belgium, where fine handcrafted beers are a national passion. Charlie and Ryan met at a Belgian beer tasting Charlie was conducting and the rest is in the glass! After years of preparation, their dream of a true Belgian-style brewery in Colorado is a reality.   Bruz Beers offers a wide selection of year-round, seasonal and specialty brews – including sour and cask-aged beers and special limited releases.   At Bruz, quality is king. Only the very finest ingredients are used to produce small batches of truly authentic, handmade beers. Fine Belgian malts, hops, spices, fruits and a diversity of Belgian yeast strains ensure superior quality with no compromises. Despite economic realities, we refuse to rush a brew – with some beers taking as many as three years to fully mature. We believe the results are worth it – and we bet you will too.


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