Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cancellation policy?

There isn't one. The program is entirely month-to-month, so try it out for a month, or stay on the rest of your life. There really is no fine print.

What shirt will I get if I sign up today?

It's really simple- if you sign up in May for example, then you get the May Box. It doesn't matter if you sign up on the 1st or the 31st of the month.

What's the return policy?

There's nothing worse than an ill-fitting brewery shirt. If we send you a shirt and it's doesn't fit right, we would be happy to send you a replacement shirt free of charge.  

When am I billed?

You're billed the first day you sign up. Going forward, we bill every month on the 5th. 

When do you ship?

We ship the 2nd half of every month. Boxes typically arrive 3-5 days after you receive the shipping notification.

Do I get to pick the Brewery?

Yes! Each month, you will be given an opportunity to swap your Box for another city! If you're a San Diego Member, but you really like the Denver Box one month, you can opt for that one instead- free of charge. 

Do you have Ladies Sizes?

Of course! We offer both crew neck, v-neck, and tank top options for ladies.

Can I buy a shirt from a previous month?

We only print that month's brewery shirts the month it's featured. However, we typically have a few leftovers. If you're interested in a previous shirt, check with us to see if we have your size in stock and we can charge your card on file and send the shirt your way!

Any other questions?

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