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About the Brewery

Council Brewing is owned and operated by husband and wife team Curtis & Liz Chism. We have been in business since May 2014 and currently operate 2 breweries and a separate sour beer cellar, two tasting rooms and we have 14 amazing team members, plus our brewery baby, Olivia.

We came up with the name Council because a Town Council is where people from a community, from all walks of life, viewpoints, and beliefs come together to deliberate, debate, and make decisions. We view beer in much the same way - it brings folks together over the commonality of beer and we wanted to craft a beverage and create tasting rooms that help foster this sense of community.

Liz brews our amazing beer along with our two brewers, Kyle and John. She also handles the recipe design, quality control, ingredient sourcing, yeast management and all the many aspects of keeping three breweries humming along. Curtis handles all the legal, financial, sales management and the many other aspects of running a business.

We started our business in Kearny Mesa which currently houses our 3 BBL brewhouse with 7 BBL fermenters, our Magic Factory - sour beer cellar, and a tasting room. We recently expanded to Santee in the East County area of San Diego with a 10 BBL system. With the capacity of our new brewery in Santee and with our recently installed canning line, we are now able to produce a lot more beer (especially Bully Pulpit), can it, and hopefully get it into a store near you.

.We hope you'll be enjoying our beer soon if you're not already and we hope to meet you soon!

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