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About the Brewery

Our Passion Home Brewing Co. is the extension of our roots as a homebrew supply store. A fully licensed brewery and tasting room. We designed Home so that we can split our 7bbl batches into smaller experiments. We share our notes and recipes right here, so that you can learn about the process and ingredients first hand. We have several homebrew enthusiasts and Professionally trained beer judges and service experts on staff that look forward to talking about beer with you. Drink at Home.

Member Perk : Exclusive Keep The Pint: Exchange this coupon for one Dual Branded Willibecker Style Pint Glass from Home Brewing Co | The Homebrewer. While you're there, fill it up with a $4 beer of your choosing! Supplies are limited, so get in quick. This will still work for $4 pints if you're too darn slow. You'll look reaaallll good walking down #30ECB with that sweet new shirt you got, and that sweet new pint glass you got; so don't be a slowpoke, limit 1 pint glass per coupon/customer. Limit 48 pieces of glassware. $4 pint offer expires 5/31/19 and is only good for first visit.

Member Perk 2 : 50% Off 64oz Growlers. You have good taste in shirts... and good taste in beers. We like that about you. Share your good tastes with your friends and family. Show off this fancy ass coupon for 50% any growler, for as many times as you like (until this expires, of course). Offer is good through May, 31 2019. Which is a whole lot of damn fancy taste for you show off. Wear your sweet new shirt that came out of a tap for an extra juicy high five. #drinkathome.


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