About the Brewery

We are a beer company, not the beer company. We believe in what we’re doing, we make good beer, and we have fun doing it. We just don’t feel the need to be noticed for anything else. ¶ Our brewery’s not an academy. It’s not a science lab. It’s a place to make a beer. And have a beer. A good one. Hopefully, a great one. ¶ And no matter what happens, the spotlight stays on the beer. That’s what lowercase means to us. Hopefully, when you try it, it’ll mean something to you too.

Beer is Simple It doesn't have to be complicated to be good... quite the opposite actually. We take the highest quality, most local stuff we can find and bring everything together with purpose and care to create a delicious result. After all... beer is no greater than the sum of all its parts.

It’s about Relationships Just as four simple things combine to make beer… it’s the relationship that creates the magic. It takes great relationships to create great quality. From our suppliers to our customers, we value, nurture and actively foster a sense of community… we are all in this together.

We’re Approachable   Regardless of how you enjoy beer we strive to create a warm, friendly environment that is relaxing and comfortable to all. From our beer, design and to the physical environment… it’s always about the experience.

And in true summation: We are collection of dudes trying to make the best beer we can in a crowded marketplace. We let the malt do the talking, take quality incredibly seriously and strive for balance in everything we brew. But it's not just about the beer. It's about our connection with one another, the customer and the experience of enjoying beer in a unique space.

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