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About the Brewery

Starting in 2013, Ross was planning on opening a small, garage based, brewery with a friend. After a couple of years of planning, buying a house where this could happen, and purchasing some of the equipment needed, the partner wanted out as he thought Ross wanted to eventually go bigger than he did. At that point we; Mike, Mary, and Ross, sat down and decided to do this together. However, we wanted to do this full time and in a commercial space. We fell in love with the original City Hall building in downtown Renton, complete with the original women's jail cell door, and signed the lease in September 2015. Our doors opened to the public July 22, 2016, and we are thrilled with the community that has developed both in and around the brewery. Ross is in charge of everything connected with the brewing side of the business. Mary manages everything else and runs the taproom three days a week. Mike still flies for FedEx, but occasionally works the front and festivals as needed. Matt, who walked in looking for a job at the most opportune time possible, works full time with us as cellar help, our wholesale and delivery person, and also runs the taproom three days a week. Emily, Ross' sister and Mike and Mary's daughter, works the taproom on Sundays. Mark and Nic work with us on recipe development and, along with Amy, occasionally work the front. The taproom was designed to be warm and welcoming; we have games and a lending library for customers to use, and the TV is on for Seahawk games. Trivia happens at 7:00 on Tuesday evenings hosted by Andrew and is always entertaining. We do not serve food, but patrons are more than welcome to bring food in or can order from the local restaurants and pick it up when it is ready.

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