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Oregon Brewery Add-On Box

Oregon Brewery Add-On Box

*includes a shirt, sticker, coupon, and bio

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Add a sticker pack to your order? +$3.00

Get all the stickers, coupons, and brewery bios for every brewery featured this month!

Did you know that our brewery boxes are customizable? Choose the region, size, style, and design placement of your shirt to match your own style. 

Customize your brewery box by choosing the size, style, and design placement to match your own style. And don’t worry – you can change these every month in the member portal!

Some months there are even special edition upgrades to our brewery boxes like a long-sleeve shirt or a hat. Keep your eyes out for fun upgrades like these!

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    The Oregon Box

    Some might call Oregon a brewery hotspot – especially Portland, which is said to be one of the cities with the most breweries in the U.S. Take a look for yourself and choose the Oregon Brewery Box to get shirts, bios, and coupons from breweries from all across the state. Local or not, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna want to taste all of these.



    Retired Oregon Shirts


    February 2022

    7 DEVILS

    June 2022

    BRIDGE 99

    May 2022


    April 2022


    March 2022

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