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Texas Brewery Box

Texas Brewery Box

*includes a shirt, sticker, coupon, and bio

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Add a sticker pack to your order? +$3.00

Get all the stickers, coupons, and brewery bios for every brewery featured this month!

After receiving this first box you will always have the first 3 days of each month to customize your next shirt or skip that month's delivery.

About The Brewery

Tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and basil. That's where it started for us. Out on the deck, grilling with friends. Discovering the joy of handcrafted food we had grown ourselves.

And then there were hops. 

Just two small rhizomes, planted on a whim. Yet they roared to life and swallowed our patio in a blaze of green. Rampant. Seductive. It would be a shame to let them go to waste. We had been roasting our own coffee for years. Why not try brewing beer?

Thoughts from the Artist - Todd Nieber, MTN Creative

The concept for this design came from a mix of old stained glass windows and a more modern take on badge design. Taking bits from Lazarus’ branding, we created this stained glass badge that is bright and full of life, after the original concept was dead in a cave. The hops are an obvious nod to the brewery while the typography and stained glass look take you back to an older time when beer was just a wee little “baby.” :p

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    The TExas Box

    If everything’s bigger in Texas, then what does that mean for the breweries?? See for yourself and choose the Texas Brewery Box for shirts, bios, and coupons from breweries across the state. PS: you don’t have to live in or near Texas to join in the tasting – save a few months worth of breweries and plan a trip to travel around Texas, one brewery at a time. 



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