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New England Brewery Box

New England Brewery Box

*includes a shirt, sticker, coupon, and bio

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Add a sticker pack to your order? +$3.00

Get all the stickers, coupons, and brewery bios for every brewery featured this month!

After receiving this first box you will always have the first 3 days of each month to customize your next shirt or skip that month's delivery.

About The Brewery

We are a first come, first serve. Sorry, large parties are not guaranteed to be seated together. Outdoor dining is open for the season. Only service dogs are allowed in our indoor dining areas. We appreciate your time and your support, Cheers! 

Thoughts from the Artist

I wanted to elaborate on the current hop/sun logo for True West to bring it to life a bit more and celebrate that they are powered by the sun by incorporating solar panels.

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    The New England Box

    This box is unique because it’s not limited to just one area or state, but six whole states! So that means that when you choose the New England Brewery Box, you’ll get a shirt, sticker, coupon, and bio from the featured brewery in any of the six New England states! Whether you’re local or just like to travel, there’s so much beer to explore and taste here.



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