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Oregon Brewery Box

Oregon Brewery Box

*includes a shirt, sticker, coupon, and bio

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Add a sticker pack to your order? +$3.00

Get all the stickers, coupons, and brewery bios for every brewery featured this month!

After receiving this first box you will always have the first 3 days of each month to customize your next shirt or skip that month's delivery.

About The Brewery

In the late 1980s, Walkabout Brewing Company founder Ross Litton left his native land of Australia to embark on a personal walkabout of his own. Finding himself in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, he settled down with a family and began his brewing career for Oregon’s own Rogue Brewing Company. However, this all came to a halt when the historic Ashland flooding of 1997 destroyed the Rogue brew site, forcing Ross to look elsewhere for work.

Out of this catastrophe came forth Ross’ own brewery created in his garage which today has expanded and become a successful microbrewery in Medford, Oregon. Dedicated to brewing well-balanced and refreshing beers, Walkabout continues to expand and flourish as one of Oregon’s finest breweries around. 


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The Oregon Box

Some might call Oregon a brewery hotspot – especially Portland, which is said to be one of the cities with the most breweries in the U.S. Take a look for yourself and choose the Oregon Brewery Box to get shirts, bios, and coupons from breweries from all across the state. Local or not, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna want to taste all of these.



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